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Outsourced Professional Services from US and EU

An outsourcing partner that helps you play to your strengths. Non-core activities need to be as lean and efficient as possible. Increasingly companies, both large and small, are turning to ICT Lions outsourcing team to help them improve performance, secure compliance processes, manage costs and provide a level of flexibility in resourcing and skills. 


No employee benefits
No employer taxes
No paid leave
No hidden fees
No worker compensation
No cost of labor
Avoid hiring process
Avoid labor intensive training
Avoid people quitting/resignations
Increased efficiency
Accessibility to skills and resources
Cost effective

 For companies looking at opportunities in new geographic markets, outsourcing to ICT Lions is a low risk way to grow your business. It keeps your financial exposure to a minimum and enables you to draw on the specific skills and expertise you need, when you need them.

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Our suite of tools and solutions will help you monitor and control your outsourced activities, wherever in the world you operate. 

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ICT Lions has a strong track record in helping businesses internationalize. Our outsourcing services are flexible and scalable, enabling you to react quickly to changes in your business or market.


Would you like to develop your bookeeper capacity? I need a bookkeeper 
We are responsible for the work quality and ensure continuous supervising and accurate reporting.

Data recording

Enter purchase invoices
Enter sales invoices
Enter bank statements
Enter check payments
Enter petty cash receipts
Enter pre- payments and accruals
Separation of cost centres based on Client information
Calculate and enter depreciation journals
Setup depreciation journals
Enter payroll journals
Enter stock/inventory journals
Run Accounts Payable
Run Accounts Receivable
A/P reports



Issuing and sending electronic invoices in an online invoicing system
Loan staff


Bank reconciling

Reconcile bank accounts
Reconcile credit card Statements
Fast clean up
Loan staff



Would you like to develop your accountant capacity? I need an accountant
We are responsible for the work quality and ensure continuous supervising and accurate reporting.



Month/Year End Closings
Preparation of Profit and Loss Statement
Preparation of Balance Sheet 
Check all Reports for accuracy
Preparing Adjusting Entries
Analyzing Accounts
Preparing Annual Financial Statements (draft version, using a skeleton financial statements, roll forwarding of the previous year's data into the current year's FS as data of the prior year)
Preparing Annual Financial Statements (full or specified elements)


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About Us

ICT Lions is to provide exceptional financial and professional services while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. We did our due diligence, to meet the current and future needs of our clients and help them to cultivate long-term success.