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The accounting market is undergoing a major transformation. Thanks to our in-house developed IT system and regulation, our company is also at the forefront of managing and tracking workflows. No tasks are missed and work is transparent. 

Integrated support for qualified specialists and accounting and finance teams. In an evolving business environment, access to resources that complement finance and accounting is important. You may be downsizing, expanding into a new jurisdiction, or restructuring. Whatever your needs, we provide outsourced accounting capabilities that complement your existing team. Companies may benefit from external support for bookkeeping and reporting. In today's dynamic markets, you can look for additional support after streamlining your finance team, expanding into new markets, or completing mergers, acquisitions, or sales. Regardless of the situation, you need access to the important information you need to run your business. You also need to make sure that the monthly accounting and reporting features are set up properly.


How we work



Accounting, tax consulting, reporting, financial assistance, payroll, HR support

Innovative solutions

Workflow management system, digital information processing, online client interface

General ledger accounting

Our company performs the tasks of the chief accountant as an external partner of internal accountants accounting for the flow of goods.

Support for internal accounting

VAT analysis and general ledger audits, availability in case of accounting or tax issues



Our Services

ICT Lions offers outsourced accounting and reporting services that meet your individual needs and match existing capabilities. As an international company, we have a team of financial specialists working with companies in multiple jurisdictions. They coordinate the relationships of each of your individual countries to ensure that you always receive consistent and integrated services. When you work with us, the services you receive are tailored to you and your business. Whether you need help creating managed reports or want to outsource monthly accounting and reporting capabilities, our team will provide the right support. This includes the flexible provision of interim resources. For example, if you need a senior accounting manager but are having a hard time finding the right candidate, the ICT Lions team can intervene.

We offer a wide range of expertise, including: Make sure you comply with your local compliance requirements.  A monthly deadline is set to generate a report that contains the specific information you need. You can rest assured that internal and external reports are accurate and provide the transparency that stakeholders need.  Supports financial and accounting transformation. Providing resources when placed where needed.


Data recording

Enter purchase invoices
Enter sales invoices
Enter bank statements
Enter check payments
Enter petty cash receipts
Enter pre- payments and accruals
Separation of cost centres based on Client information



Issuing and sending electronic invoices in an online invoicing system


Pre- accounting

Calculate and enter depreciation journals
Setup depreciation journals
Enter payroll journals
Enter stock/inventory journals
Run Accounts Payable
Run Accounts Receivable
A/P reports
Fast clean up


Bank reconciling

Reconcile bank accounts
Reconcile credit card Statements
Fast clean up



Core payroll services, reporting
HR/payroll integration
Payroll/accounting integration
Payroll advisory services


Bookkeeping, accounting

Preparation of Profit and Loss Statement (monthly/quarterly)
Preparation of Balance Sheet (monthly/quarterly)
Check all Reports for accuracy
Preparing Adjusting Entries
Analyzing Accounts
Preparing Annual Financial Statements
Month/Year End Closings



Business Tax
International Tax Services
State and Local Tax
Employment Tax
Tax credits and incentives
Private Client Tax
Tax Compliance
Transfer Pricing

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ICT Lions is to provide exceptional financial and professional services while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. We did our due diligence to meet the current and future needs of our clients and help them to cultivate long-term success.


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